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OCULUS RIFT S El Futuro de los Juegos de Realidad Virtual para PC
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HTC Vive

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- Dial de ajuste de tamaño fácil de usar. - Auriculares con sonido de alta definición, integrados con ajuste de altura y ángulo. - Distribución de peso mejorada y gestión de cables.
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Oculus Go is the easiest way to jump into the world of virtual reality. For the first time, Oculus brings you a truly standalone VR headset-with no additional hardware, computers, or devices required. Oculus Go is portable, comfortable, and easy to use. Just put it on, switch it on, and watch a movie on a 30-foot screen, grab a front row seat at a sold out concert, play games right at the center of the action, or hang out with friends like never before.
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Oculus Go is the easiest way to jump into the world of virtual reality. For the first time, Oculus brings you a truly standalone VR headset-with no additional hardware, computers, or devices required. Oculus Go is portable, comfortable, and easy to use. Just put it on, switch it on, and watch a movie on a 30-foot screen, grab a front row seat at a sold out concert, play games right at the center of the action, or hang out with friends like never before.
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Hyper Blaster with VIVE Tracker

The Blaster features a mechanical trigger with a nostalgic click, two Grip buttons, two Menu buttons, and a single-function trackpad button. Attach your Vive Tracker to your Blaster and hit your target every time!
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Nintendo Switch - Gray

Introducing Nintendo Switch! In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles.
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PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB

The all new lighter and slimmer PlayStation4 system has a 1TB hard drive for all of the greatest games, TV, music and more. Incredible Games You've come to the right place. Exclusive games take you on incredible journeys, from critically acclaimed indies to award-winning AAA hits. Endless Entertainment Something new and amazing is always in reach. Find what you're looking for and get it at the touch of a button via PlayStation entertainment options like PlayStation Vue and more.
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HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System

STEAM VR 2.0 TRACKING - From seated to standing to full 20’ x 20’ room-scale. Ideal for multi-user environments for sub-millimeter tracking accuracy. HIGH RESOLUTION DISPLAY - Dual-OLED displays with industry leading resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels for unparalleled visual fidelity of graphics, text, and textures. SPATIAL AUDIO WITH NOISE CANCELLATION - hi-res, high impedance headphones, 3D spatial sound with active noise cancellation for an immersive experience without distractions from real-world. MULTI-USER AND EXTENDED USE – Even weight distribution of the headset, easy on and off, and adjustments for head size, glasses and interpupillary distance (IPD) makes multi-user and extended use easier than ever. VIVE TRACKER ECOSYSTEM – Expand business use cases by adding real-life objects to VIVE Tracker bringing the object into your virtual simulation. Ideal for motion capture, automotive, aerospace or heavy equipment simulation. VIVEPORT SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDED - Enjoy up to 30 games during your free trial.
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HP - Mixed Reality Headset and Controllers

Recommended PC Specification: NVIDIA GTX 965Ml / AMD RX 480M(2GB) equivalent or greater video card for notebook and NVIDIA GTX 980 / AMD RX 480(2GB) for PC; Intel Core i7 /AMD Ryzen 7 1700 equivalent or greater CPU; 16GB+ RAM memory. Compatible OS: Must be connected by a cable to a PC running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Required connectors: 1x USB 3.0 port plus 1x USB 2.0 port and compatible HDMI 1.4 or Display Port 1.2 for 60 Hz HMD Mode, HDMI 2.0 or Display Port 1.2 for 90 Hz HMD Mode. Built-in audio out and microphone support: through 3.5mm combo audio jack.
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Capture stunning, immersive footage of you and your world with the NX3 Black. It's durable and rugged enough for any adventures you take on -- waterproof all the way up to 131 feet (40m) -- features high quality audio and takes 12MP photos at a blazing 30 frames per second. Records ultra high resolution, high frame rate 4K30, 2.7K50 and 1080p120 video. Captures the world s most immersive wide-angle field of view. This feature allows you to capture more of yourself and your surroundings in the shot resulting in captivating, engaging footage of every adventure. Automatically adjusts frame rates for optimal low-light performance. Enables engaging, immersive footage of you and your world.Made to withstand extreme environments and conditions. It's waterproof to 131 feet (40m). This camera enables immersive self-capture during your favorite activities. The NX3 Black Edition can be used with all GoPro mounts and accessories for capturing a wide variety of perspectives and activities.
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Google - Chromecast - Black

Google Chromecast: Enjoy a world of entertainment with Google Chromecast. Just connect to your HDTV's HDMI interface and your home Wi-Fi network to get started. You can stream your favorite apps from your compatible phone, tablet or laptop, plus use your phone as a remote to search, play and pause content.
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HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System Tracker 2018

The Vive tracker creates a wireless and seamless connection between your attached tools and the Vive system. Attach a DSLR camera to the Vive tracker to make Mixed reality videos and expand the fun.
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Oculus Touch

Oculus Touch is a pair of tracked controllers that give you “hand presence” - the feeling that your virtual hands are actually your own. It takes interaction to the next level. Touch enables natural hand presence, requiring little thought about how to use your virtual hands or what to do with them. Think of it as a set of human hands in the virtual world. Touch lets you manipulate all kinds of objects in the virtual space with precision. Pick up toys, drop blocks, throw firecrackers and fire laser guns - all with intuitive, natural hand movement. By capturing nuances of human expression, Touch enables gestures like pointing, waving, and giving a thumbs-up. It unlocks a social element that's never been experienced in VR before. Touch controllers feature traditional action buttons, thumb-sticks and analog triggers that add familiarity to new experiences. These are your controls for grasping, lifting, and more. Oculus developed Toybox to let you enjoy hand presence without restrictions. Toss objects, light firecrackers, play ping-pong with other avatars - the world of interaction is infinite.
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ADAPTADOR WIRELESS PARA HTC VIVE / HTC VIVE PRO No dejes que nada te detenga, Presentamos el adaptador VR inalámbrico oficial para VIVE y VIVE Pro. Muévete sin obstáculos. Amplía tus horizontes virtuales. Hacer realidad virtual multiusuario una actualidad. Incluye adaptador inalámbrico VIVE, batería, pinza para cinturón, cable USB, cable corto VIVE 3 en 1, tarjeta PCI-e WiGig y caja de enlaces inalámbrica. Se requiere una ranura PCI-e de repuesto. *Para HTC Vive Pro, se requiere un kit de fijación adicional (consultar por el precio)
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Coby CHBT-610-BLK Replay Stereo Over-The-Ear Bluetooth Black Headphones

Bluetooth Connectivity Built-In Mic And Answer Button 40mm Drivers Comfortable Padded Headband And Ear Cushions Play Time: Up To 3.5 Hours 250mAh Lithium-ion Battery Compact Folding Design
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HTC Vive VR Cover (Waterproof for Exhibitions / Sport)

Keep your HTC Vive clean and sweat free with our waterproof cover The cover fits perfectly around the headsets face plate and will make the long hours using the HTC Vive that much cleaner. These covers are perfect for when you need to share the HTC Vive, whether at an event/ exhibition or simply sharing with family members at home Easy to take on and off between uses and designed to be wiped clean with anti-bacterial wipes (we recommend non-alcoholic).
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Pro Gaming Series Step up your game with this finely tuned gaming rig optimized for the best gaming experience. Enjoy the latest and greatest high demanding games like Overwatch, GTA, or League of Legends which you can enjoy at 1080p with 60 FPS. Using the combination of next gen Intel core processor and Geforce GTX graphics cards, you can expect to experience maximum performance in everything you do.
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Hyperkin GelShell Controller Silicone Skin for HTC Vive - 2 Pack

Be protected inside and outside of your virtual world with Hyperkin's GelShell Wand Silicone Skin for HTC Vive. It specializes in protecting your wand from fall damage while allowing clear sensor functionality. GelShell Wand Silicone Skin feels great in your hand and provides a comfortable grip.
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Silla Simulador de Carrera + Timón de Cuero + Pedales

Como un verdadero automóvil deportivo, el Simulador Racing está preparado para una conducción enérgica. La barra de montaje del volante se encuentra delante de los pedales de carreras, lo que garantiza que el conductor esté libre de obstrucciones al operar los pedales de acelerador y freno. Tanto si se trata de un freno en el pie izquierdo o de un cambio descendente de talón y punta, no hay una barra de metal en el camino mientras el conductor se mueve del acelerador al pedal del freno y la espalda, un obstáculo común en muchos asientos de juegos.
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Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller - Black

Experience the enhanced comfort and feel of the new Xbox Wireless Controller, featuring a sleek, streamlined design and textured grip. Enjoy custom button mapping and up to twice the wireless range. Plug in any compatible headset with the 3.5mm stereo headset jack. And with Bluetooth technology, play your favorite games on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Button mapping available via Xbox Accessories app. Range compared to previous controllers with the Xbox One S.
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Dell G3 17 - Intel Core i7 i7-8750H / 3.9 GHz- NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB

Un portátil para juegos de 43,9-cm-(17,3"-) que ofrece la tarjeta gráfica independiente NVIDIA® GeForce®, la 8.ª generación de procesadores Intel® y un diseño compacto para disfrutar de una experiencia de juego envolvente excepcional.
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FITPOLO Smartband - Heard rate - Smarter tracker

Detect your heart rate, check the current result through the screen and view the history in the Fitpolo app.
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Parrot - Minidrone - Video Streaming

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Dell G7 15 GAMING-Intel Core i7 8750 / 4.1 GHz-NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX1060

Los equipos Dell para juegos están diseñados para satisfacer las necesidades específicas y exigentes de los aficionados a los juegos. Desde los procesadores más recientes hasta las tarjetas gráficas discretas y potentes, estos equipos hacen que cada experiencia de juego sea más intensa y real.
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